In my endless quest to go full on secure, move away from the GMail, AOL Mail (I genuinely still have my AOL account, I just don’t use it like a sane human being in 2019) and they Yahoos, I weighed up my options last night and I went for it.

I was aiming to use Tutanota, but unfortunately for now it doesn’t have DKIM for custom domains and any ability to import old emails. The old email thing is really quite important for me as I tend to drop an email account and get screwed by not having an email from 2005. No jokes.

After deciding my needs, I in the end, went to ProtonMail, it’s more on the expensive side of what I wanted to spend since after balancing out what domains I was bringing, how many and the amount of aliases/users I needed, I chose the Visionary plan.

I was able to bring over my email address (my public PGP key is here) and the majority of my short domain addresses quickly, but the real sticking point is The problem with this domain is, unsurprisingly Google. I use my account there for everything, my Google Account, Play Store, etc. I’m dreading the switch over process to it taking my business domain over and what kind of drama that could possibly ensue.

I emailed ProtonMail to ask for their Import / Export tool, which they actually gave me access to the beta pretty quickly. I didn’t however, realise how painful importing just one of my gmail accounts would be. The screenshot above, that’s just for and I set that up in 2017. My OG gmail account was from when gmail first appeared, it could take months. Then there is my AOL account, which is currently churning its way around as I type.

Speaking of AOL, back in those days, I realised that I missed an anniversary recently, it turns out I joined back in June 2008,as of last year that was 10 years. It’s scary to think, nearly 19 years on LiveJournal, 10 years on sdf, around 22 years on AOL in some form or another (dial-up or email only) and my own BBS for 23 years. #terrifying

But back on topic, one of the other benefits of my ProtonMail account happens to be the free ProtonVPN account included. I’ve been using it quite regularly now, through the download app on my Freebox, my mobile and on my PC right now. Speed is quite alright, server choices are pretty good and with my mobile it holds / reconnects when switching networks. So the shared / open wifi points it uses, I can keep my connections a bit more secure.

It’s a bit strange to think we went from being open on the internet years ago and now having to recoil back as a result of pretty much everything that’s happening now days online.

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