Strange things have been happening here recently, like a week back the falling bottle incident

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Kronenbourg 1664

Which then escalated to psycho neighbour putting this bottle in front of my door for some fucked up reason (it’s a shared toilet and my landlady told me to leave all the results of the free flying alcohol to the copropriété to deal with), which after 4 days of it showing back up at her door, she hurled abuse at 0h through my door.

That’s a ball of what I assume is fanny hair she left stuck to the walls in the shower, as shown.

As somebody who seems to care a lot about hating on me for my perceived drinking in the toilet, which literally, one does not actually stoop as low as 1664 to be fair, she is a total mess herself.

She’s hated me from day one, for god knows why, I never spoke to her and I never will. But she’s been screaming abuse at me through the halls for whatever reason, dumping passive agressive shit at my door step that has nothing to do with me and generally being a total scumbag herself.

In fact, I should be the one hating her, since when she first moved in she had a 5 hour fight with her ex, kicked him out and screamed at him for another two hours on the phone.

And one can never forget her ant infestation, she some how lived with for a month before I had to remove them (since they started to make a chain towards my flat).

But I digress on to a post about her, which I might do in French so she can google herself. Because clearly looking in a mirror ain’t doing shit for her as it is.

But tonight, since the bottle incident one of two things happened, a) somebody threw a bucket of water at my cat minding her own business on the window ledge micro garden or b) it came from above, thrown by the bottle tosser.

I’m not sure what’s happening to this once pleasant area.

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