It's been over a year since I put together OH.MG and so far it has been quite a mash of things. Since then there have been a couple splits off of it, and I'm trying to rethink the way I have content here on OH.MG, where the slide over to the other sites, how to kind of centre it on the publishing machine so there aren't too many templates knocking around, and making it more consistent. I have too many ideas, a lot of half finished projects, and just a jumble around all of it. I am not a total success here with a personal site :D I've got sometime off work so plenty of time to sit down and figure this out, at least its technically easy since I run the sites off of networked mounted drives, so swapping out a mount is the easy part. On the side of I've managed to put a commenting discussion group on, so far, I've not seen any decent emails (in fact they're all just spam from email crawlers). I might update this to require subscription first, but that isn't as easy to rethink. I could even use NNTP since I do have an NNTP server, but that's a real bad idea to expose to the internet without authentication.

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