Email Changes - Micro Edition

OK, I finally settled on the new email provider and I’m slowly moving over the domains one by one. Self hosting email has been fine, but I can’t find an equivalent filtering / relay service in Europe that is cheap and functional as the US one I’m using.

I’m also running out of disk space on the self hosted machine and I have zero motivation to install and migrate a new copy on a new machine.

The good part is that I don’t now have to run multiple accounts for my personal email and (kind of the reason I’m moving mostly away from Proton).

Speaking of Proton, this was all really kicked off when their new app showed up. Made the service utterly unusable on Android, on top of the lack of ability to extend beyond Visionary. You run out of space, tough shit, want more domains, lol no.

It was a bit of a hard decision as well, there were two providers I use almost equal but one with ethics more aligned to my own without a few rather important functionalities. If they come up with the goods later, I’ll probably migrate again

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