I wrote not that long ago on the unsocial medias that I was working on the BBS over the last few days and that work is nowhere close to being done but there are some updates.

I stupidly managed to max out the NAS drive where all the message indexes were kept, so obvs that caused problems, then our old friend the file lock came back and I’ve got to purge the personal mailbox file cos this is what happens a lot and that’s how one fixes this.

Since I moved my email off of being self hosted, I also broke the whole email aspect of the board. Honestly, nobody really uses it and without my own personal needs justifying the cost of the relay service I’ve been using I’ve had to downgrade to a more free option (in this economy it’s the only price I can afford).

I’ve also changed the email domain of the BBS over to username@ix.sus.fr (email addresses on federal.tel will still work when I get around to repointing that domain). I’ve also got to re-setup all of the incoming email addresses on the SPAM filter, because, well SPAM and it’s a new system. If you need yours set up much faster reach out.

I’m toying with re-opening the web portal for the BBS as well. Mainly for my own use, I don’t get a lot of time to be internally on my own network and able to connect properly, not sure if I trust the web enough to expose it though, skript kiddies kept on planting wcOnline the last time.

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