Some small progress has been made in the eternal migration of all my content all over the place. Today I’ve moved the Logarion archives over to

This of course isn’t my first rodeo with migrating things, not long ago I moved everything over to OH.MG / OM.Gay / OM.GD and it’s been rolling quite well for a while.

But now with PHP7 depreciating and my ability to continue to use the script that keeps those sites held together, I’m having to really reconsider wagawn and make it happen.

The reasonable approach here is to centre my blogging activity here on, using WordPress and cleaning up my mega archive from LiveJournal. As my foray with Plume didn’t work out so well as I couldn’t figure out how to get my old content on there using the API. Another problem being Plume is an utterly amazing piece of software which I love, but it’s not actively developed and the documentation can leave me stuck.

I could use Writefreely but honestly, I’m not at all enthusiastic with it as it’s too bland for my tastes.

That leaves me with the next issue, I say issue as if it is a problem, but it’s a proper first world problem.

Hosting elsewhere other than using my home connection is neigh on impossible as all of my text things (BBS, Gemini, Gopher, etc) run on the root domain. More technically, my PTR record for my IP address is so changing that is a bitch an a half I have no interest in doing ever again.


I built and on plain text and that is the aesthetic I’d like to keep running, the thing here is the majority of the content on there is [redacted identity] and if you haven’t noticed, that’s all here in the Great Archive of I’d like to avoid duplicating content so I need to work out what I’m going to do to keep it fresh but also in a way that isn’t going to utterly murder my internet connection when I switch over and on to it ( really does get a shit tonne of bad traffic).

I have improved my ability to get things blocked using csf which really shows on the reports made to abuseipdb where I was logging at least an IP every few minutes to nearly one every six hours, this gives me hope to use a simple Apache2 install with mod_security to dish out some real static content and not worry too much about it. For the record there is no way in hell would I ever run WordPress on an internal server, you have to be fucking bonkers to even consider that. WP belongs on a professionally run web server not a hobby machine.

I’m partial to solve this by flashing the cPanel machine (fuck cPanel for forcing the licence to be extortion for a real machine, then raising the price to 60 American Dollars a month in January) and using that to run Apache and Kineto to mirror the Gemini to save me a load of dealing with things in duplicate (plus reduce my need for a dedicated publishing machine while hosting everything in one place).

Anyways, that’s how it’s going so far and I’m taking my time with this so it could be a little while until I have another update / figured out what I’m going to do.

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